round up

forgotten bookmarks...finding some old note, piece of ephemera or bookmark is such a prize.

fine little day shares a lovely swedish children's book with illustrations by kerstin frykstrand.

what claudia wore is an adorable homage to the fashion references in the baby sitter's club books.

the hunting lodge shared a selection of illustrations from the japanese book an anatomical guide to monsters.

infinite summer currently has a dracula read-along going...they're on chapter 11 but have archives available for every other so far...such a great idea! in january they'll be reading roberto bolaño's 2666. (thanks to kyle's friend from ze facebook for the link)

i've also added a few links to the sidebar: international children's digital library ~ a journey 'round my skull ~ the book cover achive ~ the modern word ~ the literary gothic ~ never mind that; never mind that now ~ awful library books

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