round the year

i've seen many different work-play book editions...something about this one really called to me though. i think it was the squirrel in an apron illustration above that clinched the deal. a. gladys peck's illustrations are really whimsical and humorous. i do love that squirrel! the spring bunnies are pretty special too. oh, it's electrotyped. here's another work-play book.

the work-play books: round the year by arthur i. gates and miriam blanton huber
1932, the macmillan company, new york
illustrated by a. gladys peck


little farmer of the middle west

this is a cute and educational book about farming. it is illustrated in photographs...i'm guessing with that time's version of clip art...but better. this would make a good educational tool, i think. i got it because my husband is from the midwest, but he has zero interest in farming and passed it up.

the children of america stories: little farmer of the middle west by madeline brandeis
first edition, 1937, grosset & dunlap, inc.
photographs not credited


and the jackal played the masinko

this is a beautiful book...lovely illustrations and a charming story. i learned that a masinko is an ethiopian violin-like instrument.

and the jackal played the masinko by marjorie hopkins
first edition, 1969, parents' magazine press, new york
illustrated by olivia h. h. cole

**on a side note...sorry about the lack of posts lately, i am photographing several books today and will be posted them starting next week! also, have you seen this site book sale finder? i plan on attending a few of those listed in my state.