dolls of japan

this book is wonderful for so many reasons...the pictures are lovely and it also included a kimono pattern, which is good for me since i like to sew things and make dolls as well. this book isn't mainly a guide to make dolls though, it also has some great information on styles of japanese dolls, their costumes and inspirations.

dolls of japan: a guide to the creation and appreciation of japanese dolls in all their colorful splendor by satako ozawa (who also created the dolls pictured)
first edition, 1957, toto shuppan company ltd., tokyo


round up

i have to apologize for my lack of posts of late...the tail end of summer has distracted me. i have lots of new (to me) stuff to share and promise to back with regular posts shortly. until then...a round up!

automatism's buffet always has fabulous literary inclusions...here are some that i've saved...

sarah waters' top 10 victorian novels...and i pretty much agree with her choices.

stephen smith's top 10 subterranean books...seems to me there'd be quite a few that one could add to this list...such as neil gaiman's neverwhere and haruki murakami's hard boiled wonderland and the end of the world (both of which are great books).

jessica duchen's top 10 literary gypsies...i think some non-literal (literally) gypsies could be interesting to ponder too...such as trilby and dracula.

linda buckley-archer's top 10 time travelling stories...some of these are now on my 'to read' list.


61 essential postmodern reads: an annotated list chosen by a grouping of categories, such as, author as character, disrupts or plays with form, includes historical falsehoods and such...there are tons that could have been chosen and so many of them wonderful (albeit not for everyone)...but where is bret easton ellis' presence on this list? american psycho stands out in my mind...i think lists of mundane items is one of the devices of the postmodernist author.

dead poet's society via poetic oneirism...hear poets reading their poems...fabulous!

a lovely french medical book regarding the x-ray...at cori kindred

black*eiffel shares a vintage german copy of the brothers grimm

clever nettle shares a vintage storybook titled campire girls

meet me at mike's shares a favorite book, debbie learns to dance...i love the illustrations by marcel marlier.

the snail and the cyclops shares a box of sun...a wonderful book that captures the real essence of summer.