little audrey and the moon lady

this is such a sassy book and it's in excellent condition too...little audrey is apparently an extension of the character little lulu...although i like audrey much better...this book is a cute and colorful depiction of her precocious nature!

little audrey and the moon lady
produced and created by harvey cartoon studios
wonder books, 1960, harvey famous cartoons, new york
illustrator not credited


the story of ferdinand

munro leaf's the story of ferdinand is really a monumental book, in my opinion...it's truly captivating with its moral and some say, political statement...if you haven't read it, it's a story about a bull who would rather sit quietly eating flowers and enjoying his day than fighting for a glorious bullfighting title...i find it actually profound...the illustrations of robert lawson are perfectly matched and glorious...he's a big inspiration to me with my own artwork and i find his illustrations in this book particularly wonderful.

the story of ferdinand by munro leaf
12th printing, 1938, the viking press, new york
illustrated by robert lawson


on friendship: a selection

i've posted about peter pauper press before...really i can't accurately express how enamored i am with this once little press...this book, on friendship: a selection is my favorite of all. at least of the books i've seen so far. it's super special because it's illustrated by eric carle of the very hungry caterpillar fame...the illustrations are hand silkscreened, i have another copy where the pink and green used are much lighter...i love these slight differences...and all of the illustrations are magically delicious...it's just a really endearing book that would make a lovely valentine's gift, i think!

on friendship: a selection edited by louise bachelder
1st edition, 1966, peter pauper press, mount vernon, ny
illustrated by eric carle