little bear

an adorable little book i picked up for 5 cents somewhere last summer.

little bear by virginia hunter
a junior elf book, 1956, rand mcnally & co., chicago
illustrated by marge opitz


the new golden bough

this is one of my favorite books, i have about 4 different editions of it...i used it, quite a bit, to write an undergrad honors thesis on scandinavian folklore and have picked it up time to time for random information since...this is the (heavily) abridged version with a fabulous dust jacket designed by joseph low who was awarded a caldecott honor in 1981.

the new golden bough: a new abridgment of the classic work by sir james george frazer
edited by dr. theodor h. gaster
1959, criterion books, new york
illustrated by joseph low


the christian

i found this edition of the christian by hall caine years ago at a thrift store and picked it up because i saw it had once belonged to henry belin dupont...i plan to donate it to the hagley library, a business history archive and repository for most things dupont. the book itself is quite lovely, the cover and spine details are really beautiful.

the christian by hall caine
fourth edition, 1897, d. appleton & co., new york


moving ahead

this is an old reader or textbook of some sort with some interesting illustrations...the cover is my favorite part.

moving ahead
helen m. robinson, marion monroe, a. sterl artley, charlotte s. huck, william a. jenkins, ira e. aaron, andrew schiller
open highways: a diagnostic and developmental reading program, 1968, scott, foresman and company, illinois
various illustrators


we see

this book is part of a children's educational series titled, the scientific living series: the how and why science books...it only consists of wonderful illustrations, which i believe are lithographs...this book would be perfect to pull apart and frame...if you can do that to an old book. in this case, it may be worth it. i love the cover illustration, which isn't credited and is totally different from the interior illustrations.

we see
george willard frasier, helen dolman maccracken, lois gabel armstrong
the scientific living series: the how and why science books, 1947, the l.w. singer company, new york
illustrated by guy brown wiser


when we go to church

i love the halftone illustrations in this cute book...the book only utilizes 5 colors: green, light green, red, light red and black...very effective and has that wonderful '50s-esque everything is sunshine and roses vibe...also a nice contrast to the full color cover. i was kind of surprised seeing as this is a religious book...but i think even if you're not into the content, you can certainly enjoy the pretty pictures.

when we go to church by elizabeth b. jones
the warner press, 1957, gospel trumpet co., anderson, indiana
pictures by vera gohman