a child's garden of verses

i love this book! any edition of a child's garden of verses is pretty magical...although i don't know many children who would be interested in the style of these poems these days. we are out there though! you know who you are. i was definitely one of those 'odd' children. i think these books are mostly appreciated for their aesthetic value. this one is particularly lovely. so very '20s. the endpapers are amazing! the illustrated borders are so whimsical and pleasing. all around a loved book (even if the cover is a bit blurry).

a child's garden of verses by robert louis stevenson
sears illustrated juveniles, 1926, j.h. sears & co., new york
illustrated by eva noƩ


noddy and the magic rubber

my husband and i were snickering at the title of this cute book...it's part of the noddy series, popular in great britain in the '50s. the illustrations by peter wienk and robert tyndall* are wonderful!

noddy and the magic rubber by enid blyton
first edition, 1954, sampson low, marston & co., ltd., london
* illustrators not credited

the book of good cheer

i normally steer away from these snippet collection type of books...this one was too charming to pass up! the endpapers alone were worth it...and it is rather uplifting. my favorite quote in the book?
"make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you."
-ralph waldo emerson

the book of good cheer: a little bundle of cheery thoughts edited by edwin osgood grover
1916, the algonquin publishing company, new york


the live dolls' house party

this book is one in a series. the author has written other books such as, the story of live dolls and so on (* see list below). it's a lovely book...with beautiful and under-stated illustrations by virginia keep.

the live dolls' house party by josephine scribner gates
first edition, 1906, the bobbs-merrill company, indianapolis
illustrated by virginia keep

the story of live dolls
more about live dolls
the doll that was lost and found
the story of the lost doll
the story of the three dolls
the live dolls' house party
the live dolls' busy days
the live dolls' play days
the april fool doll
the secret of the live dolls
the live dolls' party days
the book of live dolls
the live dolls' in fairyland
the live dolls' in wonderland


happy hours

if you look closely at the cover of this book, happy hours, you can see the dog is rolling in a cart of cheap cats' meat into the cats' section of town. it's always a scuffle between cats and dogs, no? this letterpress book is darling, the illustrations are magical.

happy hours
happy hours series, c. 1905, m.a. donohue & co., chicago