happy hours

if you look closely at the cover of this book, happy hours, you can see the dog is rolling in a cart of cheap cats' meat into the cats' section of town. it's always a scuffle between cats and dogs, no? this letterpress book is darling, the illustrations are magical.

happy hours
happy hours series, c. 1905, m.a. donohue & co., chicago


Christie said...


I noticed you posted a few Junior Deluxe Editions books. For years now I have been looking for the Junior Deluxe Editions Heidi 1952-1954 publication. It was a book given to my uncle by his grandparents. Mine is worn, spine missing, and the only color picture in the book is now missing too. If you have, or can find this book, I would be a very interested buyer.
Thank you for your time,

rachael said...

hi christie...thanks for visiting...i will certainly keep my eye out for you!