the book of good cheer

i normally steer away from these snippet collection type of books...this one was too charming to pass up! the endpapers alone were worth it...and it is rather uplifting. my favorite quote in the book?
"make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you."
-ralph waldo emerson

the book of good cheer: a little bundle of cheery thoughts edited by edwin osgood grover
1916, the algonquin publishing company, new york


Anonymous said...

I was happy to run across your little book as I too have a copy. Mine is a hardback and has the original box it came in. The end papers match the pretty bouquet on the front. It also lists a copyright date of 1913 in addition to the 1916 date. No tears or dog ears...how much do you suppose these little books are worth? They sold for 60 cents when new.
Again thank you! Sheralyn

rachael said...

hi sheralyn,
ooh an original box...that must be lovely! i would estimate this book at around $25 - $30 in pristine condition without the box. so i'm thinking $30 - $40 with the box (at the high end). thanks for visiting!