the bear facts

i picked up this book thinking it was a children's book full of facts about bears...what i got what a clever not-so-subtle "fable" all about cold war politics! this is such a very interesting book.

the illustrations are so well done in a painterly/comic book style by paul fennell.

the author's statement,
any resemblance in this fable to any person, place or thing is purely coincidental and just the result of your imagination. and mine!

...as well as, her dedication,
this book is dedicated to all alert air-minded americans to all the men who build our planes and all the flyers who man them and particularly to the rawest recruit of them all, my son, roger conant culbertson

are poignant and really show her passion on the subject.
political books aren't very interesting to me, partly because, politics aren't that interesting to me...but i do find this book a valuable bit of americana.

the bear facts by polly culbertson
first edition, 1948, the john c. winston co., philadelphia
illustrated by paul j. fennell

take a peek at another interesting political book (with a totally different viewpoint) posed as children's book here.


fairy tales and fables

i was unfamiliar with gyo fujikawa's work until i picked this up at a thrift store a few years ago...how could i ever have been in the dark?! simply amazing and downright adorable, as well. as you may know, anything fairy tale or fable is alright with me and this book is no exception. i think it's another must for your library.

this book includes the moon maiden along with other standard classics... it's really a wonderful resource.

fairy tales and fables edited by eve morel
revised edition, 1970, grosset & dunlap, new york
illustrated by gyo fujikawa


the big golden book of poetry

this is a lovely book full of classic poems such as the owl and the pussycat (also my favorite illustration of the entire book - see cover) by edward lear...and with amazing illustrations by gertrude elliot...a must for your library!

the big golden book of poetry: 85 childhood favorites edited by jane werner
special scott, foresman and co. edition, 1949, golden press
illustrated by gertrude elliot


holly hobbie™

i used to love holly hobbie™ when i was a girl...i wanted to dress like her and live in her world. as an adult, i'm still fond of her. the cookbook has some nice simple recipes that would be easy to share with a child!

holly hobbie's™ alphabet book by american greetings corp.
1979, ottenheimer publishers, inc.
illustrated by holly hobbie

holly hobbie's™ cookbook by american greetings corp.
1979, ottenheimer publishers, inc.
illustrated by holly hobbie


typewriter town

this is a rare children's book all written and illustrated using a typewriter. it's an analog celebration!

typewriter town: the nonsense of nonsense by william jay smith
first edition, 1960, e.p. dutton & co.