pippa mouse

speaking of memories from my childhood (isn't that most of this blog anyway?)...pippa mouse was a beloved memory of mine. i was lucky to find a copy on abe books. i highly recommend this book for parents to give their children! the stories are meant to be read aloud, and the illustrations are so cute. hours of fun were inspired by pippa mouse. i made pippa mouse houses, pippa mouse clothes, pippa mouse furniture...all acted out with those mice from the '70s...remember them?

pippa mouse by betty boegehold
1973, alfred a. knopf, new york
illustrated by cyndy szekeres

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JaneWynn said...

OMGoodness Pippa! YES! My mother made me a Pippa Mouse stuffed toy. I truly think this book really impacted my interest in art and being an illustrator. Ahhh Thank you for sharing. Going to find a copy for myself...

Thank you for sharing!
j a n e