our wedding

and now for something a little different...i think this book technically may fall under the ephemera umbrella (which is a lovely umbrella, i must add)...but it is housed in my personal library along with the books i share here, so i decided to include it. it's also a bit personal with an interesting story too.

this is the wedding book from my great great aunt irene's marriage to her husband wilmer in 1943. irene married old to a religious zealot (although a kind and gentle man as my father remembers him). apparently wilmer was never without his bible and spent a large portion of his time "speaking the word" (and sometimes in tongues) to neighbors and towns people. he was eventually placed in a mental institution for speaking the word a little too fervently and later died while receiving electroshock therapy.

our wedding: form for the solemnization of matrimony with certificate
by the methodist book concern
1939, abingdon-cokesbury press, new york

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