the folklore of weddings and marriage

when i first saw this book i thought it was from peter pauper press, then i realized it was a bit large and some more investigation brought me to its publisher: american heritage press (a subsidiary of mcgraw-hill). not only is the folklore aspect of it interesting to me, but the illustrations are by tomie de paola...maybe you've heard of his book strega nona?

these illustrations are super charming and have a very gorey-esque feel to them (particularly his illustrations for pbs' mystery!...(or shall i say gorey's work had a de paola-esque feel to them)).

i love that they are all printed in wedgwood blue (very wedding, no?).

the folklore of weddings and marriage: traditional beliefs, customs, superstitions, charms and omens of marriage and marriage ceremonies
edited by duncan emrich
1970, american heritage press, new york
illustrated by tomie de paola

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