mystiskt besök i mumindalen

i was introduced to tove jansson's moomins late in life...(although i think i have a memory from my childhood, while in holland visiting cousins, of something moomin or moomin-like that i coveted and threw a temper tantrum over because it wasn't bought for me).
anyways, better late than never. i think the stories (this book is swedish, which i cannot read) are darling and the characters are so dang cute. they make me wish i was 8 years old again.
i think this title translates to something akin to "Mystical visits in Moominland"...please correct me if i'm wrong.

there is a ton of information on the internet on this subject...for a sampling see:
and here

mystiskt besök i mumindalen samlingsvolym (omnibus) after tove jansson
1993, bokförlag carlesen

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