dolls: the wide world over

left: a funerary doll of the marques of normandy, 1715 | right: russian wood dolls (19th century)

a lapp couple (20th century)

left: german wooden old woman doll | right: german wood dolls with glass eyes (18th century)

left: doll by sasha morgenthaler (c. 1955) | right: doll by else hoffman (c. 1968)

another doll book...i got this one for research. i love the german dolls in the 4th picture (rh). they remind me of old pretenders, and the midcentury dolls (last picture) are really lovely! oh, never mind the mysterious light action in the photos, i hope it doesn't detract too much from your viewing pleasure.
this book is a pretty good comprehensive guide of dolls through the ages (and around the globe) from primitive and archaic to current and elaborate. there is a focus on the handmade, or limited production dolls. i wish more of the pictures were in color (there are only a few), but all in all it's been a good resource and source of inspiration for me.

dolls: the wide world over by manfred bachmann
translated by ruth michaelis-jena
first u.s. edition, 1973, crown publishers, new york
photographed and designed by claus hausmann

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