a dog came to school: a davy book

this is a wonderful book by lois lenski. one of the things that i like most about it, is that the only colors its printed with are blue and red. the illustrations are also really interesting.

this was an old library copy, and the stamps have been crossed out. it belonged to the new eagle library. there are also acid stains from glue used to attach the original dustcover, which is now lost. i have to say, i really don't mind these marks. it's all the history of the book, which is what i like to see.

i'm a fan of lois lenski, but i have to say that her children all look deranged. like in this illustration, i imagine they are going to eat that poor puppy. barbarella robot dollie style. chomp chomp :)

first edition, 1955, henry z. walck, inc., new york
illustrated by lois lenski

the library card pocket is still attached. this would be a wonderful spot for hiding secret cryptic messages, don't you think? may 1st, 1978 is the last legible borrow. my dad's birthday, i was 7 years old...he was 32.

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