diminutive books (part 1 of 2)

the child's evergreen miniature library, not dated, fisher & brother, philadelphia
illustrator not credited
when i was a kid my grandmother used to show me this little book and tell me it was for "little people," and that it was commissioned by general tom thumb. now i wonder what planet she was on when she said that. maybe i had some crazy childhood mis-memory or something. anyways, it is a truly spectacular diminutive book. the whole book is letterpress printed and the page edges are gilded. the spine is broken, which reveals the word, "the fatal blo." pretty strange stuff.
the best part is the back which reads, "The publishers take great pleasure in announcing to the public, this beautiful Juvenile Library of gems. Each one of the bijou volumes is separate in itself, and the whole constitutes one of the most tasteful series of books ever published. They are admirably calculated for presents; especially for SUNDAY SCHOOLS. Although containing the highest lessons of morality and piety, there is within them nothing of a sectarian character. The Historical volumes of the series have been compiled from the most authentic sources, and are reliable as historical narratives. The Child's Evergreen Miniature Library need only to be examined to be admired; a discerning public will not fail to be pleased with it. Good morals, Historical Truth, Bible Christianity, and pure Poetical Sentiment are its characteristics."
simmer down now! pretty heavy, i think. haha. perfect for kids, right? i'm guessing it's victorian.

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