good old holland and alpine wildflowers of rocky mountain national park

my mind is set on travel today, and these are two wonderful examples of tourist books (pamphlets really).

i love holland, my mother lives near maastricht. i have an aunt in amsterdam as well. i've been many times, although not for a long time. i always miss holland, and i am always looking for books about holland, preferably old travel books. that's how i found this gem. the letterpress cover is amazing!

the inside is really cute as well. it includes all sorts of short snippets of information about holland.

good old holland author not credited
printed by n.v. joh. enschedé en zonen and firma h. tulp
published by the economic information service, the hague

at the end there is a list of items exported from the netherlands...there are some interesting items listed, such as: electric household articles, medicines (incl. quinine), corduroy, pig iron, breeding cattle, phosphate fertilizers, and tin in blocks. a list definitely reminiscent of another time.

alpine wildflowers of rocky mountain national park by bettie e. willard and chester o. harris

1970, rocky mountain nature association

i located this in the travel section as well. i plan on using this as a possible resource for my illustrations. that and the cover is really cute. pretty snazzy for a nature association i think!

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