diminutive books (part 2 of 2)

i used to have a real thing for old tennyson tomes...i'm not sure why. i have quite a few really wonderful old tennyson books as a result, which is fine by me. these are two, which i'm including here just because they are teeny.

enoch arden: and other poems, includes the interesting "lady of shalott" which was like porn for pre-raphaelites. it actually is a wonderful poem. what i love about this little book though is the red embossed leatherette cover, it's quite charming.

lancelot and elaine, is an excerpt from idylls of the king. this also has an embossed leatherette cover and is a redcroft edition. i'm not sure how that differentiates it from the latter though. the glue on both book's spines has long gone bad and yet these are wonderful books. i got them at this fantastic thrift store that thought old books weren't wanted. lucky me, i think i paid 2 dollars each. quite a steal i suppose.

enoch arden and lancelot and elaine (redcroft edition) by alfred lord tennyson
little leather library corp., new york
not dated (circa 1920)

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