arabian nights

illustrated by mamoru funai

i love this edition of arabian nights, the illustrations by mamoru funai are amazing. i've always loved sinbad. you know the patrick wayne sinbad, eye of the tiger and all that. there was a philadelphia premiere back in the day which i attended. patrick wayne was there, and it was wonderful, except i don't remember any of it except for what my parents have shared with me. although i must've seen this movie a million times. well, i digress. the book itself is a wonderful collection of (abridged) stories, including the aforementioned "the story of sinbad the sailor," as well as, "scheherazade" and more of the popular tales. not only did mamoru funai do a wonderful job illustrating this book, but i really feel that the illustrations capture the spirit of the stories remarkably well. the type on the cover is also pretty snazzy nifty. i'm definitely going to search out more companion library copies...there are quite a few...hopefully they're all designed as well as this one is.


Anonymous said...

Hi I have about 12 of these childrens campanion library series. I had them when I was 9yrs old,(1967) they used to arrive in the post one every month, then suddenly a big box full arrived it was like christmas! trouble was I never got around to reading them all then. I still have them in good condtion. Dont know if I would part with them, my children never read them as was intended.They are lovely books.


rachael said...

hi angela,
what a lovely collection! i'm sure your children will appreciate them one day, they are a wonderful heirloom.
thanks for visiting!