funny bar book

funny bar book by ted shane
the do-it-yourself series, 1955, arco publishing co., new york
cartoons by VIP

i used to collect old bar books...barware actually...all midcentury. i've since gotted rid of most of it all. this is a really interesting guide to mixed drinks. it was originally published by true, the man's magazine. it's not surprising, since this book would be considered politically incorrect by today's standards. i think it's funny, as intended. the real treat though is the extensive list of dinosaur and little-heard-of mixed drinks...like the "blood and sand," which warns to not use the same ice twice, "except in scotland." i don't really get that joke, but that's okay. there is also a guide to "the common household hangover." the cartoons (illustrations) are all really individual as well, and really showcase the artist's style. very fifties (like the seven year itch), which is a wonderful thing.

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