ikebana of japan and japanese flower arrangement: ikebana

i am always on the lookout for old craft books, and old books relating to japan. some of the best craft books have been long out of print, and i find that books about japan from the '50s-'70s tend to have fantastic type and design overall. that and brad (my husband) is a japan fan. these two books combine those interests.

ikebana of japan: moribana style
20 arrangements in full color by houn ohara
1969, shufunotomo co., tokyo
photographs not credited

i remember as a kid being totally fascinated by ikebana. apparently 1969 was a big year for this art form (it carried into the '70s apparently.) both these books were published that year. most of all i value these treasures for their color photography. you just don't find color or photo styling like this anymore.

1969, the hamlyn publishing group, london
photos by janet march-penney

i doubt i'll be picking up the art of ikebana, although you never know. i can tell you that i've flipped through both of these books numerous times soaking up the goodness. these scans really don't do them justice. houn ohara's book has a kodachrome quality to it that's to die for.

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