love is a special way of feeling

i remember reading joan walsh anglund's books as a kid. i think she is the first illustrator that i really enjoyed, recognized and followed. she is also the origin of my love for hand drawn type. i loved (and still do) how everything is hand done and that there were tiny imperfections in each illustration. an overdrawn line here, shaky lines, uneven lines there...this is what makes her books special to me. also her dedications were hand written with a little drawing meant for just that person. on top of that, they are also super cute and warm and fuzzy and all that.

love is a special way of feeling by joan walsh anglund
1960, harcourt, brace and world, inc., new york


Anonymous said...

I read a rather haunting version of Hansel and Gretel as a child that must have been illustrated by the same artist. Never forgotten it.

rachael said...

i'll have to look into that...sounds like a great edition of the story!