round up

the new york review of books talks about the lost pleasure of browsing...interesting to ponder, it's the same reason i haven't purchased a kindle...i just love the feel of a good book...via automatism.

the mccune collection is a fantastic collection of rare books including the kelmscott chaucer, a gorgeous version designed by william morris with woodcut illustrations by edward burne-jones...via bibliodyssey.

also via bibliodyssey is the truly lovely victorian blood book...which originally belonged to evelyn waugh. speaking of, have you read the loved one or seen the movie? so good!

luisa frascati by leopoldo lugones on the fantastic a journey round my skull.

book by its cover shares the new moomin book reprinted by drawn & quarterly.

a ton of interesting endpapers on drawger...via cafe cartolina.

book lovers never go to bed alone...a tumblr of people's bookshelves!

artist julianna swaney shares some inspirations on her blog rare bird...illustrations from the brambley hedge.

i've also added some new links to the sidebar:
we heart books * the new york review of books * bees knees reads * nordic voices * the mccune collection * children's illustration *


Jane O Sullivan said...

I am still loving your blog rachel ....this post particularly thanks for sharing and happy reading :)

Jane O Sullivan said...

ps.oops I meant to add that I super love the bookmark on your banner , deers and peacocks for me are always to love .

rachael said...

thanks so much jane!!