the wonderful story of how you were born

i love the cover of this book...how the back looks like the back of the children's heads and the writing is reversed. very clever! this book actually includes the words vagina, penis, and testicles...i almost giggled like a little girl. but truly i was surprised since this book was published in 1959. this is actually a revised edition (it was originally published in 1952). i just figured everything in the '50s was storks and cabbages. the lithograph illustrations are lovely too, and it really is very informative.

the wonderful story of how you were born by sidonie matsner gruenberg
revised edition, 1959, doubleday & company, inc., new york
illustrated by hildegard woodward


Anonymous said...

Loved this book when I was a kid and now my daughter loves it too. She began reading it at 6 and won't let it go after many years. We are always donating books when her shelf gets too crowded but she still holds onto this one. I'm curious to know what is different about the revised edition.

rachael said...

this is a wonderful book! i was also curious as what could have changed with the revised edition. i'll have to do some research.