there is nothing like a cat

there is nothing like a cat...i can attest to that, having 5 of my own. 2 too many if you ask me, but they are lovely so i can't complain!
anyways, i love the expressions of her illustrations...you can tell she knew cats well...and the endpapers are darling. i'm glad i found this one!

there is nothing like a cat by rosalind welcher
first edition, 1968, panda prints, inc., new york


art-and-ghosts said...

how i adore this! we used to have 5 cats, too - mealtimes were a frenzy!

such lovely illustrations, i would really like to locate a copy:)

rachael said...

yes, mealtime is a stampede around here. they gang up on us too and beg once the sun comes up! i think they know we are outnumbered :)

i'll keep my eyes open for another copy for you...you may be able to find it on abebooks.com or alibris.com!