the golden book of grimm's fairy tales

i love grimm's fairy tales...even though i still have a lasting fear of spinning wheels thanks to that little s.o.b. rumpelstiltskin. this is a really nice edition by golden press illustrated by gianni benvenuti.

the golden book of grimm's fairy tales retold by jane carruth
golden press, 1970, western publishing co., wisconsin
illustrated by gianni benvenuti


Anonymous said...

I'm very intrigued by this book. It looks very familiar to me. I think I used to have this book when I was a toddler. Do you mind posting a picture of the inside back cover? As a kid, I managed to keep the back cover when someone else tore off the rest of the book and threw it away. Thanks!

rachael said...

the inside back cover is the same as the front cover endpapers...thanks for visiting!

Anonymous said...

i have been looking for this book or its name i should say for a very long time, thank you