america's wonderlands: the national parks

i'm not an out-doorsy, camping, lake swimming lover (although i do love a good bonfire)...but i do really enjoy these kinds of tourist, encyclopedic, souvenir books. this one is published by national geographic society and is all about america's national parks. this book is full of great information and tons of wonderful kodachrome photos. it's interesting to see the difference between the "modern" day environmental troubles and the pristine quality of 1959's (when this book was published) environment. i'm not an expert, but i'm sure that deforestation and erosion (not to mention marijuana farming) have made a difference in the american landscape since then. on a sunnier note, if you're into the outdoors lifestyle or plan to visit any of the national parks, this is a great starting point for some unconventional and captivating information. this edition also has a wonderful map tucked in the back!

america's wonderlands: the scenic national parks and monuments of the united states
prepared by the national geographic book service
a volume in the national geographic world in color library
third printing, 1959, the national geographic society, washington d.c.

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