simplified mechanical drawing: a textbook for beginners

i normally steer clear of old textbooks, although there are a lot out there which are not only informative, but also designed really well. the textbook today is not the calibre of yesteryear's textbooks, that's for sure. anyways...this one on mechanical drawing techniques is really wonderful. i find the illustrations totally captivating. i also imagine that if you were into learning this type of drawing style, this book could be very helpful. with most instructional illustrations today being primarily digitally driven, i find these hand-drawn illustrations refreshing. on a personal note, although i do finish my illustrations digitally...they all start hand-drawn, and i always prefer to hand write any text included, so i guess i'm partial. i'm also reminded of draplin design co.'s ideas on american design, and i do agree. by the way, this book was written and illustrated by an "instructor in mechanical drawing, south bend central junior high school, and vocational school, south bend, indiana..." not some high falutin' engineering professor from carnegie mellon. as i said, refreshing.

simplified mechanical drawing: a textbook for beginners by thurman c. crook, b.s.
revised edition, 1935, mcgraw-hill book company, inc.
printed by the maple press company, york, pa.

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