lettering simplified: a manual for beginners

look at that type...i love it. i'm always on the watch for interesting fonts and type and this cover embodies what appeals to me. i incorporate a lot of handwritten type into my illustration and a book like this really inspires me. it's more of an instruction manual for beginners (and when he says beginners he means it...it's kind of elementary) about writing clearly, aesthetically speaking. i like the addition of the different serifed fonts at the end for reference. garamond is one of my favorite.

lettering simplified: a manual for beginners by rand holub
bonanza books, 1957, watson-guptill publishers, inc., new york


crazywriter84 said...

If you like type, you should be in my typography class. I'm all about learning about type but actually using it is another story. I have no concept of design.

handmade romance said...

ohhh so lovely. thanks for sharing!