since starting this blog i've discovered there's really a wealth of knowledge out there, and it's really good to know it's there and to be able to utilize it as a resource...here are some links that i've collected. i'll be adding to this collection and placing some of these permanently on the sidebar for future reference.

5b4 combines two things i'm very passionate about...photography and books...currently you can read about endeavors in publishing first hand. a great read.

children's literature...a huge collection of information on authors and illustrators.

book design stories with a fantastic index all compiled by a man named felix.

golden gems...a collection of little golden books and more with an emphasis on midcentury illustrations. good stuff.

a week of little golden books at meet me at mike's via handmade romance

a super cool pop up alphabet book at kanye's blog

the hunting of the snark...an interesting and intelligent study of all things lewis carroll.

i love typography...so do i, so do i.


handmade romance said...

thanks so much for adding a link to my blog! I love all the books you share and will definitely be checking in often!!

rachael said...

thanks for visiting :)