there's a used bookstore around here that i visit on occasion...i don't go very often simply because i always forget it's there. i am so glad i remembered because it was a veritable feast of vintage children's books. some of them were ridiculously priced, but i found quite a few that were in my price range. this is one of the books i picked up and i am in love with it. pinocchio has always been one of my favorite stories, i enjoy the idea that something animate can be created from something inanimate...and be emotive or "human" enough to actually have flaws. anyways, this edition was designed by helga maass and illustrated by josé correas, both of which i couldn't find much information on. i am enamored of the line drawn style of the illustrations, the whole book is just fantastic...i highly recommend locating a copy. what i find odd about this book is that so many people are credited...the original author collodi, a general editor, an editorial director, a handful of associate editors and authors, a designer and an illustrator...quite a production!

pinocchio by collodi (retold by eve rouke)
edited by m. hughes miller, directed by josephine b. wolfe
the holly story book library, 1965, the world publishing co., cleveland
illustrated by josé correas
designed by helga maass

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