i know a giraffe

i love these silkscreen illustrations...although i think this book is actually all lithograph...but the blue, olive, gold and black palette on white is fantastic! the creatures are darling and the detail and patterns are also really something. a must own book.

i know a giraffe:a tall tale by david omar white
first edition, 1965, alfred a. knopf, new york
illustrated by author


Laura@popdesign said...

how lovely!
these pictures have such a nice sixties feel

rachael said...

thanks for stopping by laura :)

Becky said...

"I know a giraffe... and a giraffe knows me." that's how the end goes, right?

I checked this book out from my elementary school library in the early-mid 90s so often that I memorized all the words! I must track down a copy.

your site is lovely. thank you for sharing!

rachael said...

hi becky...that is how the ending goes! i'm so pleased that you have some memories of this book :)
thank you.