the horse that liked sandwiches

i love aliki's early illustrations...and a horse named mario? can you get any better than that?!

the horse that liked sandwiches by vivian l. thompson
see and read, 1962, g.p. putnam's sons, new york
illustrated by aliki brandenberg


me melodia said...

I like em too.
And I love this blog.

rachael said...

thank you!!

Henebry said...

Don't leave us hanging! How does it turn out? What mischief did Mario get up to during his friend's nap?

I wonder: were peddlers with horse-drawn carts still a commonplace sight when this hit the presses in the fifties? Not in the suburbs, but in the ethnic parts of the city centers?

rachael said...

hmmm...good question! probably some cities, more than others.