hans andersen's fairy tales

i had to stop myself from photographing each illustration in this lovely book. i always notice hans christian andersen books because, well, i love him. i can't believe this is my first post dedicated to one of his books! i've seen so many editions of his iconic fairy tales...so many have gorgeous illustrations, and yet, i think this may be my favorite so far. this book is illustrated by jiří trnka, "the walt disney of the east" who is best known for his stop-motion puppet movies. his movies are truly magical and i highly recommend them all.

it includes some of his best (in my opinion) fairy tales, such as : "the snow queen," "thumbykin," a.k.a. "thumbelina" "mother elder," "the wild swans" and many more. i will definitely be treasuring this book. i may even break it out and share it with guests...carry it around like my bible (ala mark david chapman minus the sinister) and sing it lullabies at bedtime.

hans andersen's fairy tales
designed and produced for artia by paul hamlyn
1967, paul hamlyn, london
illustrated by jiří trnka

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