the three billy goats gruff

yesterday i remembered that i had another the three billy goats gruff...you can see the other here...they are both completely different styles, albeit the same book (same publisher and authors). this book also includes the fable the little goat and the wolf (which i didn't photograph). it's interesting to see the two books in contrast i think. despite their being essentially the same book, they appear quite different. it's amazing what illustrations can do, is it not?

i forgot how "trip, trap, trip, trap" is so integral to the story!

there is a postscript in the back of this book that credits sir george dasent's popular tales from the norse (1858) as the introduction of this tale to english readers...rather than peter christen asbjørnsen and jørgen moe's norwegian folktales (1896) as wikipedia suggests. hmmm. oh, it appears dasent was publisher/translator of asbjørnsen and moe's text. all settled then.

the three billy goats gruff
adapted from the norwegian by alice o'grady and frances throop
1940, rand mcnally & co., chicago
illustrated by tony brice

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