the lonely doll

this is one of the most wonderful, and albeit a bit bizarre of children's books. it's rather iconic, i think. i discovered it years ago through a friend and have been enamored of dare wright since. she was apparently an unusual character, there is even a biography which you can find here. i love the lenci doll she used and the stories are really fantastic (in the true meaning of the word). a must for a collection. i was lucky enough to find this first edition, even though it's seen better days. she's written 10 others in this series too.

the lonely doll by dare wright
first edition, 1957, doubleday & inc., new york
photographs also by dare wright


Scott Lindberg said...

Wow, what a great score! My wife and I have been looking for the Dare Wright books for a couple years, to no avail. They're quite charming in a disconnected surreal kind of way!

rachael said...

i agree about the surreal bit! makes you wonder about ms. wright's private thoughts.
they are hard to find! they are on abe books and similar for tons of money, unfortunately.

Scott Lindberg said...

We're not willing to pay tons of money. I'm holding out for a thrift shop find. It's possible, I suppose, that it could also be found for a decent price at some "mom and pop" used book store too. We'll keep looking!

Anyhow, I read the bio you linked to (The Secret Life of the Lonely Doll) back when we first started looking for the Lonely doll books. It's definitely a "must read." Dare lead a really fascinating, although tragic, life.

rachael said...

i found this copy at a used bookstore...so it is possible! i just ordered the bio...and i will keep my eye out for this for you and your wife...this is a must have!