i love this book! or should i say, i love the illustrations in this book, which are by artist mahlon blaine. i got this edition of the marquis de sade's justine at an antiquarian book dealer for more money than i would have paid normally ($35)...and it was worth it. the cover silhouette is fantastic and the chapter illustrations are all very unusual. i've included some of the more tame of them, although they really aren't all that far out. i also love the original owner's book plate...florence henderson...wouldn't it be funny if this book belonged to mrs. brady? of course 1933 (as inscribed) was a bit before her time.

funny thing is there is a note, as follows: "the editor, an amiable old gentleman devoted to hearth and home, living in the bosom of a happy family, highly disapproves of most of the characters in this novel; and in no way can he identify himself with their words or actions." this and justine is much more a novel than any of sade's other works, and was therefore uncharacteristically mild for the marquis.

justine: or the misfortunes of virtue
by the marquis de sade (originally written in 1791)
1931 (by harold berman), the risus press
illustrated by mahlon blaine

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