snow white vs. snow white...part 1

one of my interests about books is seeing how a story can be retold over and over...or illustrated time and again. this is particularly suited to fairy tales, i think. it really interests me how different artists interpret the work, and how the culture of the time affects the illustrations as well. the culture of the time can influence the work itself too, i suppose.

anyways, i thought it would be fun to juxtapose two different snow white books from my collection.

the first is a golden book originally printed in 1952...this copy is a forty-second printing (1979) and is the familiar Walt Disney version. an odd aside that i've noticed is; that only twice in this whole book are snow white's eyes illustrated as open (well three if you count her as an infant)...the rest of the time they're closed. this must mean something profound, although currently i am at a loss as to what.

walt disney's snow white and the seven dwarfs
story adapted by jane werner
forty-second printing, 1979, golden press, wisconsin
illustrations by the walt disney studio
adapted (ie...illustrated) by campbell grant

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