i've been getting emails asking if i sell books...and the answer is "i do!" i don't usually sell the books that i feature here on rad library because i don't want this to be a commerce blog, but rather an expression of my love for these books. i will be featuring from time to time though, books that i sell, although primarily because i sell books that i think are beautiful or wonderful in some such way. these collections are an example of that.

i've seen very few book covers as beautiful as great pictures described by great writers...the design is just fabulous, and with very little fading too. one of the pleasures of collecting and resourcing books is the little gems that are sometimes tucked within, such as this pressed plant. it's fun to imagine how it found its home here, on a walk in a park, maybe a gift from a friend.
both of these books are rare and great references for the cerebrally inclined. last image is the second book.

great pictures: as seen and described by great writers
edited and translated by esther singleton
rare and letterpress printed, 1901, dodd, mead and co., new york

lectures on the history of english literature by professor william marvel nevin, ll.d.
edited by rev. theodore appel, d.d.
a memorial volume, 1895, intelligencer printing office, lancaster, pa
rare and letterpress printed

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