and the jackal played the masinko

this is a beautiful book...lovely illustrations and a charming story. i learned that a masinko is an ethiopian violin-like instrument.

and the jackal played the masinko by marjorie hopkins
first edition, 1969, parents' magazine press, new york
illustrated by olivia h. h. cole

**on a side note...sorry about the lack of posts lately, i am photographing several books today and will be posted them starting next week! also, have you seen this site book sale finder? i plan on attending a few of those listed in my state.


Scribbler said...

love those pictures!

gaby braun said...

Amazing blog! I'll spend hours to see and read all the beautiful books you have posted here.
Thanks for share it with us!

rachael said...

thank you both :)

Jil Casey said...

Thanks for this post on And The Jackal Played The Masinko. Olivia H. H. Cole is new to me. Her illustrations are great, I want to find out what else she has done. I have linked to your blog from mine, The Art of Children's Picture Books, with full credit given to you.