round up

dutch picture books from 1810 to 1950 via the always fabulous biblio odyssey...a fantastic resource full of inspiration. be prepared to spend some time here!

if you love libraries, then you'll love a peek at 20 of the world's most beautiful libraries...i haven't been to any of these. although i've made a promise to myself to visit the library of congress next fall.

some lovely illustrations by charles keeping on automatism.

werner herzog reads children's books...at coilhouse...one of my favorite magazines!

a great collection of images of marilyn monroe reading...at come spy with me.

learn how to make a clever hogwart's style spell book at instructibles! via folk and fairy.

have you seen novel teas? i must order some.

mrs. lilien style mrs. literary book club...i love the personal library kit...can one actually be that organized?

once upon a blog covers fairy tale news of all kinds...

and i'll be back on monday with some more books! have a great weekend.

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