randy's dandy lions

i'm a sucker for a dandy lion...come to think of it, lions can even resemble dandelions, or maybe that's the other way around. this book is just adorable. even though no dandelions are mentioned. let me just warn you...this book rhymes. i know it's not for everyone, and normally i would find it irritating, but with this book it somehow works. the moral of the story is about confidence and overcoming fear...it's a nice lesson to teach kids (or even grown ups for that matter.) also, the illustrations are enjoyable.

randy's dandy lions
written and illustrated by bill peet
a children's choice book club edition, 1964, houghton mifflin, boston


The Fab Miss B said...

My brother and I read every single Bill Peet book we could get our hands on. Those images are all burned in my brain! Thanks for sharing.

rachael said...

you're welcome!