round the year

i've seen many different work-play book editions...something about this one really called to me though. i think it was the squirrel in an apron illustration above that clinched the deal. a. gladys peck's illustrations are really whimsical and humorous. i do love that squirrel! the spring bunnies are pretty special too. oh, it's electrotyped. here's another work-play book.

the work-play books: round the year by arthur i. gates and miriam blanton huber
1932, the macmillan company, new york
illustrated by a. gladys peck


Stephen Macquignon said...

I love the illustrations

sewa mobil said...

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I really liked the illustrations! Wonderful job!

molly said...

i was just given a stack of about 45 of these old kids stories/learning books and am always impressed at the art work, the inside slap sheets and the simple beauty of the font used. them were the days!