round the year

i've seen many different work-play book editions...something about this one really called to me though. i think it was the squirrel in an apron illustration above that clinched the deal. a. gladys peck's illustrations are really whimsical and humorous. i do love that squirrel! the spring bunnies are pretty special too. oh, it's electrotyped. here's another work-play book.

the work-play books: round the year by arthur i. gates and miriam blanton huber
1932, the macmillan company, new york
illustrated by a. gladys peck


little farmer of the middle west

this is a cute and educational book about farming. it is illustrated in photographs...i'm guessing with that time's version of clip art...but better. this would make a good educational tool, i think. i got it because my husband is from the midwest, but he has zero interest in farming and passed it up.

the children of america stories: little farmer of the middle west by madeline brandeis
first edition, 1937, grosset & dunlap, inc.
photographs not credited


and the jackal played the masinko

this is a beautiful book...lovely illustrations and a charming story. i learned that a masinko is an ethiopian violin-like instrument.

and the jackal played the masinko by marjorie hopkins
first edition, 1969, parents' magazine press, new york
illustrated by olivia h. h. cole

**on a side note...sorry about the lack of posts lately, i am photographing several books today and will be posted them starting next week! also, have you seen this site book sale finder? i plan on attending a few of those listed in my state.


sparkle and spin

i'm happy to share this iconic book sparkle and spin by ann (not to be confused with ayn) and paul rand. to me, this is more of a celebration of bold, eye-catching and interesting graphics. particularly graphics that are interesting to children who shy away from the fairy tale, dreamy sort of pictures a lot of children books are headed towards. it is simply wonderful!

sparkle and spin by ann & paul rand
first edition, 1957, harcourt, brace and world, new york


peter pauper's drink book

a rad library reader, joseph, sent in some scans of ruth mccrea's illustrations for peter pauper's drink book...i've spoken (unabashedly) of my love for all things peter pauper press, and i was overjoyed!

joseph is a graphic designer in nyc and has an appreciation for such things as well...thank you kindly joseph for sharing these illustrations with us!

peter pauper's drink book: a guide to drinks and drinking compiled by peter beilenson
1964, peter pauper press, mt. vernon
illustrated by ruth mccrea


captain kangaroo and his pals

wow, captain kangaroo sure did have some supersonic sideburns...i forgot how large those things were!

anyways, this nostalgic book has amazing illustrations...i guess that captain kangaroo paired up with pals vitamins and this was the result. much better marketing than today's standards, i think. this once had a record, which is now sadly gone. here is an ad for it!

captain kangaroo and his pals: adventure on pirate island by jean conder soule
an mgm book / record combination, 1970, bristol meyers co.
illustrated by stanley wilde and beatrice kehoe


brownie: girl scout handbook

chock full of good information for brownies and non-brownies everywhere!

brownie: girl scout handbook
second impression, 1963, girl scouts of the united states of america
illustrators not credited